Claudia Alvarez

Postdoctoral Fellow

M.D., Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, 2013

Ph.D., Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, 2017

Research Interests: 

Origins of Life, origins of folded domains, protein evolution

By analyzing proteins of the translation systems from Archaea and Bacteria, I will study the mechanism by which folded protein domains were discovered. To this aim, I will use and develop methods grounded in three-dimensional structure and phylogenetic analyses for reading information stored within the ribosome. I will investigate: the nature and distribution of rRNA protein interactions at different phases of ribosomal evolution; folding and functionality of polypeptide at each stage of ribosomal evolution; and the transition from polypeptide secondary structure elements to the first folded domains.

Selected publications: 

Alvarez-Carreño C, Alva V, Becerra A & Lazcano A (2018) Structure, function and evolution of the hemerythrin-like domain superfamily. Protein Sci.: 27: 848–860.

Alvarez-Carreño C, Becerra A & Lazcano A (2016) Molecular evolution of the oxygen-binding hemerythrin domain. PLoS One 11: e0157904

Alvarez-Carreño C, Becerra A & Lazcano A (2013) Norvaline and norleucine may have been more abundant protein components during early stages of cell evolution. Orig. Life Evol. Biosph. 43: 363–375