AbSciCon 2022

Considering ongoing circumstances, AbSciCon 2021 has been postponed to May 2022 to allow scientists to convene in person and online. AbSciCon is a biennial astrobiology science conference where astrobiologists can share interdisciplinary research and learn about engaging topics. The theme for AbSciCon22 will be Origins and Exploration: From Stars to Cells, and the event will be hosted by 

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AbSciCon 2019
AbSciCon19, June 24 by Petar Penev

For me AbSciCon 2019 started with a lot of meetings and short encounters with people I know and have missed seeing in the past year. This transitioned during the sessions into me meeting with several ideas I already knew and quite a few I didn’t. For the first time I started thinking about preservation of biosignatures during David Des Marais` plenary talk.

Somehow in my head there were

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June 24, 2019

The astrobiology community has descended on Bellevue, Washington for AbSciCon2019, and that includes a strong contingent of COOL presentations. We created this blog to highlight some of the key COOL and COOL-relevant presentations that piqued our interest this week. We are particularly excited to note the following presentations by COOL members:


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