Congratulations Dr. Rebecca Guth-Metzler!

Becca of the Glass and Williams Labs at Georgia Tech successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled "RNA and Metals as a Window onto Ancient Biochemistry". Congratulations to the new Dr. Rebecca Guth-Metzler!

Congratulations Dr. Brooke Rothschild-Mancinelli!

Brooke of the Williams Lab at Georgia Tech successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled "The Saccharomyces cerevisiae Mitochondrial Ribosome as an Orthogonal Evolvable Translation System". Congratulations to the new Dr. Brooke Rothschild-Mancinelli!

Vahab Rajaei is a 2023-2024 Astrobiology Fellow!

Vahab Rajaei of the Williams Group has been named a 2023-2024 Georgia Tech Astrobiology Fellow. Astrobiology Fellows lead key astrobiology programming at Georgia Tech, including socials, seminars, service and education outreach initiatives, and the

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The Real Mockingbirds: our own Claudia Alvarez-Carreño named a Georgia Tech Scientist Superheroine!

In a recent Georgia Tech College of Sciences Feature News Article, COoL postdoctoral scholar Claudia Alvarez-Carreño was named a Georgia Tech Scientist Superheroine! "The greatest superheroines are famous not just for their brawn, but also for their brains." How true! Congratulations, Claudia! You can read about Claudia's desired superpower, as well as her cats, in the 

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Claudia receives CoS Jr. Research Faculty Award

Members of the Georgia Tech College of Sciences (CoS) gathered April 18 at the annual Spring Sciences Celebration to recognize 2022-2023 honorees. Among them was Postdoctoral Scholar Claudia Alvarez-Carreno, who received the CoS Outstanding Jr. Research Faculty Award for "exceptional

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Prof Williams named 2022 AAAS Fellow

COOL PI Professor Loren Williams was named a 2022 Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences (AAAS) for his "distinguished contributions to the fields of biophysics and the origins and evolution of life on Earth,

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Congratulations, Dr. Sara Fakhretaha Aval!

Sara of the Williams lab at Georgia Tech successfully defended her thesis entitled "rRNA Structure and Function in Ribosomal Trafficking". Congratulations to the new Dr. Sara Fakhretaha Aval!

Congratulations, Dr. Jay Haynes!

Jay Haynes of the Williams lab at Georgia Tech is now Dr. Jay Haynes! He successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled: "Experimental Predictions of Ribosomal Evolution". Congratulations, Jay!

Anton receives School of Chem & Biochem Community Leadership Award

Anton Petrov, COOL Co-I and Research Faculty member, received a School of Chemistry and Biochemistry (SoCB) Research Faculty Community Leadership Award for his K-12 outreach. The award, presented at the 2022 SoCB Spring Research Symposium, recognized Anton's collaborative mentorship of K-12 students in research, leading to co-authorship and highly

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Anton receives College of Sciences Outstanding Senior Research Faculty Award

COOL Co-I Anton Petrov is the recipient of the College of Sciences' inaugural (2022) Outstanding Senior Research Faculty Award. This award, presented at the Spring Sciences Celebration, is given to a single recipient for exceptional research contributions with significant impact on their

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