Congratulations, Santi Mestre Fos for a successful PhD defense!

The COOL center congratulates Santi Mestre Fos  on successfully defending his Ph. D. dissertation "Non-Canonical Structures and Functions of the Human Ribosome: G-Quadruplexes and Heme Appropriation" and becoming a Dr. Santi Mestre Fos!

Congratulations, Claudia!


The Cool center congratulates Dr. Claudia Alvarez Carreno for her recognition as a new NASA Post-Doctoral Fellow at the College of Science of Georgia Tech! The NASA Astrobiology Program element of the NASA Postdoctoral Program (NPP) provides opportunities for Ph.D. scientists and engineers of unusual promise and ability to perform research on problems largely of their own choosing,

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Congratulations Brooke Rothschild-Mancinelli!

The COOL center congrats Brooke Rothschild-Mancinelli for successfully passing her candidacy exam and becoming a PhD candidate ! Her dissertation title is “Understanding Containment: Life Unbounded?"


Congratulations Kavita!

Congratulations to Kavita Matange of the Williams research group for successfully completing her PhD candidacy exam on February 24th!

Congratulations Becca!

Congratulations to Rebecca Guth-Metzler for passing her PhD candidacy exam. Her proposal on a topic ""Cutting in-line with iron: Uncovering Fe2+ RNA relationships" has been unanimously approved!

COOL team participates at the 8th ELSI symposium on Extending the View on Catalysis

From left to right: Dr. Anton S. Petrov (GaTech), Kavita Matange (GaTech) , Petar Penev (GaTech), Prof. Eric Smith (GaTech/ELSI), Prof. Irena Mamajanov (ELSI/GaTech). February 4, 2020.

COOL team presented their research at the 2020 GRC on the Origins of Life

From left to right: Petar Penev (GaTech), Dr. Mario Rivas ( University of Houston), Prof. Jennifer Glass (GaTech), Dr. Madhan Tirumalai ( University of Houston). January 21, 2020.

Madhan Tirumalai presents at the 2019 Texas-ASM Branch Meeting

On November 8, Madhan Tirumalai of George Fox's lab presented the talk “An unique insertion in the 5S ribosomal RNA of haloarchaea: a Cryo-EM” at the 2019 Texas-ASM Branch Meeting in Session B: General Microbiology. The meeting was held at the UT-San Antonio Down Town Campus.

Congratulations to Dr. Quyen Tran!

The Cool center congratulates Dr. Quyen Tran from George Fox lab (University of Houston) for earning his PhD!

Congratulations to Dr. Mario Rivas!

Dr. Mario Rivas Medrano has received a NASA postdoctoral Award effective July 1, 2019.