Folding, Assembly And Persistence: The Essential Nature And Origins Of Biopolymers

Life as we know it requires three basic types of polymers: polypeptide, polynucleotide, and polysaccharide. The Williams lab has evaluated both universalities and idiosyncratic characteristics of these biopolymers. We have incorporated this information into a model that explains much about biopolymer origins, selection and early evolution. We observe that all three biopolymer types are pre-

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Microbes unveil the mystery of early life

The Glass group at Georgia Tech investigates how microbe-metal interactions contributed to maintenance of habitable conditions on Earth, and how the environment influences those microbial metabolisms in return. Why would we focus on the microbial world? The Earth has been constantly inhabited for four billion years. For three-quarters of that time, life was solely microbial. During the first

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Evolutionary Origins of Ribosome Dynamics

The modern ribosome is a dynamic molecular machine comprised of RNA and protein. It is responsible for all coded protein synthesis. A growing peptide is synthesized one residue at a time and when complete it is released from the ribosome. During each round of synthesis, the ribosome itself undergoes a cycle of motions, which facilitate the synthesis and ultimately restore the ribosome to its

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