Betul Kacar

University of Arizona, Molecular and Cell Biology

2004-2010, Ph.D., EMORY UNIVERSITY (Atlanta, GA)
Biomolecular Chemistry & Biochemistry
2000-2004, B.Sc., MARMARA UNIVERSITY (Istanbul, Turkey)

Research Interests: 

Synthetic Biology, Molecular Evolution, Astrobiology. The Kacar Lab investigates key questions regarding molecular mechanisms of evolution and the origins of life. We are interested in understanding how the ancestral behaviors of proteins and their host systems change through time.

Selected publications: 

B. Kacar*, Guy L, Smith E, Baross J. 2017 “Resurrecting ancestral genes in bacteria to interpret ancient biosignatures” Phil Trans A 375(2109)

B. Kacar*, Hanson-Smith V, Adam ZR, Boekelheide N. 2017 “Constraining the timing of the Great Oxidation Event within the Rubisco phylogenetic tree” Geobiology 15(5):628-640

B. Kacar*, Garmendia E, Tuncbag N, Andersson DI, Hughes D. 2017 “Replacement of an essential gene with its ancient and modern homologs” mBio 8(4)e01276-17

B. Kacar*, Ge X., Sanyal S, Gaucher EA. 2017. “Experimental evolution of Escherichia coli harboring an ancient translation protein” J Mol Evol, 81:1-16