Nadia Szeinbaum

Postdoctoral Fellow
Georgia Institute of Technology, ES&T

B.S., Universidad de Belgrano, 2005

M.S Georgia Institute of Technology, 2009

Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology 2014

Research Interests: 

I am interested in the role of metals and microbial metabolisms during oxic-anoxic transitions, whether spatial or temporal. As an NPP Fellow, my work focuses on the role of microbial interactions during the evolution of oxygenic photosynthesis in an iron-rich environment and the oxygenation of the ocean-atmosphere system.

Selected publications: 

Szeinbaum N., JL Burns, TJ DiChristina (2014), Electron transport and protein secretion pathways involved in Mn(III) reduction by Shewanella oneidensis. Environmental Microbiology Reports 6(5): 490-500.

Szeinbaum N., Lin, H., Brandes, J. A., Taillefert, M., Glass, J. B. and DiChristina, T. J. (2017), Microbial manganese(III) reduction fuelled by anaerobic acetate oxidation. Environ Microbiol, 19: 3475–3486.

Szeinbaum N., C Kellum, JB Glass, JM Janda, TJ DiChristina (2018) Whole genome sequencing reveals that Shewanella haliotis Kim et al. 2007 is a later heterotypic synonym of Shewanella algae Simidu et al. 1990, 335 emend. Nozue et al. 1992 . International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology .