Roger M. Wartell

Georgia Institute of Technology, IBB

B.S. Physics, Stevens Institute of Technology

Ph.D., Physics, University of Rochester

NIH postdoctoral fellow, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Research Interests: 

I am interested in the catalytic activities of small ribozymes in solution and in the interstitial liquid phase in ice. What factors influence ribozyme catalysis and may promote their ability to create complex functional RNAs. Other areas of interest are the origin and evolution of the ribosome and the interaction of small molecules with RNA and DNA.

Selected publications: 

Mezencev R. and Wartell R.M. (2018)“Cisplatin binds to pre-miR-200b and impairs its processing to mature microRNA.” Neoplasma 65,222-227.

Wartell RM (2018) “Improving the accuracy of the nearest neighbor model of DNA melting: Comment on DNA melting and energetics of the double helix by A. Vologodskii &M.D.Frank-Kamenetskii.Physics of Life Reviews: S1571-0645(18)30015.

Lanier, K.A., Athavale, S.S., Petrov, A.S., Wartell, R.M, and Williams, L.D. (2016)"Imprint of Ancient Evolution on rRNA Folding", Biochemistry 55, 4603-4613.

Lie, L., Biliya, S. Vannberg, F. and Wartell, R.M. (2016)"Ligation of RNA Oligomers by the Schistosoma mansoni Hammerhead Ribozyme in Frozen Solution” J. Mol.Evolution 82, 81-92.

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